Dealing With Dealer

Default / Thursday, May 31st, 2018

If I would have had one of any of those cards the dealer had I would have been good if that the guy to my right wouldn’t tip one more card I would have been perfect but you know in the long run that’s got to be profitable because the blackjack chart says it I just like putting more money on the table when it’s a good situation now if the dealer had at 10 a 9 8 even the 7 I would be a little bit scared because she can just pull out a 10 and make a G G at any point so now we have another ace versa 3 this is looking pretty profitable this is looking pretty good I get a 20 now you could say I could double here but the the strategy is never abandoned at 20 a 20 is money right you got to take that money you could double annex hope for tend to come out but it’s not smart. Find out abot smart casino strategies at CasinoSlots.

So I would have had a 19 if I doubled and you know sometimes that happens sometimes doesn’t work out but honestly the dealer just drew 8 she had a 3 that makes an 11 11 is the deadliest hand in blackjack that’s when you want to double pretty much no matter what and she would have had 11 we got to see what this player to my right gets if it’s a 10 I would have lost double my money and it would have punished me for OC it would have been met it would have punished me for abandoned basic strategy now a 14 verse 10 you want to hit most times I have a strategy and a joke on my stream never surrender and I do not like this position right here where it’s a 15 you got a hit it’s not likely that that happens baby we got a 21 and it’s scary to hit when you have 15 and 16 you never hit on 17 but when you have 14 15 and 16 you really don’t want a hit vote there’s only one more choice and that’s to surrender.

Now some people say never surrender because you lose half of your money but like I said earlier when the dealer has a four you gotta expect that four to turn into a 14 and they’re in the same situation they’re more likely to bust than not and it’s very scary and and some people say that you should surrender on 14 15 and 60 I have big balls so I don’t usually do it I did it on the $10 table just because I wanted to like show you guys the option so we’re splitting the two it’s the dealer has a two it’s kind of a weak card right I have a 12 versa to now I hit on on 12 verse twos because I know it too can turn into anything it’s unlucky that two tens come in a row right but we split.