House Edge in Craps Betting

Craps / Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Here we are taking a look at what the house edge is when it comes to Craps betting. Keep in mind that the House edge has to do with that percentage of each bet that goes to the House. In playing a game of Craps, there are just too many bets to consider. There are bet that a single roll with resolve and those bet where it will take multiple rolls to resolve. You need to know that Craps actually offers extremes when it comes to bets-that means it offers both the best and worst bets in a casino.

Craps wagers can either bring misfortune or fortune so you need to choose bets wisely if you want to protect your bankroll. If you are one of those players who enjoy taking chances, you can pay a bigger amount on those with higher house edge. Meanwhile, if you do not want to take too much risk, you can choose to be on those with lower house edges. However, these bets do not pay big amounts.

Enumerated below are some of the house edges that players can do in craps:

  • Normally, basic bets are considered the best wagers that casino goers can make during a game of crap. For instance:-
  • Pass Line bets offer odds that are one to one. When you put your bet on the come out roll on the table. Should the Come out Roll be 7 or 11 then you are a winner. Should the Come Out roll be a 2, 3, or 12 the you would have lost. The said wagers have a house of edge pegged at 1.41 % that is considered better when compared with other house advantage. Once there is a Com Out Roll players are advised not to place a Past Line bet. This is because players are more than likely to win the Come Out bet than to lose.
  • In addition, players need to consider ‘Don’t Pass’ and ‘Don’t Come’ bets in craps, which are actually better than pass and come bets with a house edge of 1.36 %.
  • The odd bets, meanwhile, are considered the best bets in craps. Basically, there are four odd bets a casino player can utilize. These include don’t come odds, don’t pass odds, come odds, and pass odds. These bets have a zero percent house advantage.
  • On the other hand, crap bets with 11.11 % house edge include Hi-Lo, three, Yo, C&E, Craps, hard 10, and hard four. Meanwhile, bets on 12 and two manifest higher house advantage, which is 13.89% that could give a payoff of 30.
  • World bet had 13.33 % house edge; field bets has a house edge range of 2.78 % to 5.56 %; and horn has 12.5 % house edge.
  • Hard six, hard eight, big eight, and big six has 9.09% house edge. Meanwhile, moving off to the place bets such as place ten and place four has 6.67% house edge. Place nine and place five has 4% house edge. Lastly, place eight and place six has 1.52% house edge. Lay bets and buy bets, on the other hand, has 5% house edge.

These are just some of the house edge that casino players must bear in mind in putting their bets on craps. Casino players have the option to either take more or less risk. The key here is understanding how each of the options works.