How To Play League Of Legends

Default / Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

But can the game end… I want to scrim. I want to play League of Legends. I always considered myself as, you know, belonging at the top but if it keeps going like this, and over the years I like, retire and I didn’t win anything I’d be really… really disappointed with… my whole career even though going to Worlds and all of that, I’d still kind of see it as a failed career if that makes sense? Sure, you made money and all of that but you just kind of like, competed for the sake of competing but you never won anything so, yeah… it’d be kind of like a ‘feels bad.’ Oh no, but he’s fighting me man, help. Yes! Oh man. Solo queue is so bad… Dylan: Get in to game David: Because people like Maurice is playing boku casinos. But it’s impossible man, I get people like Maurice in my game.

When I heard that we had Odo I was, gonna be honest, not that happy! I heard that he was, kinda washed and he was an inter. But I was pleasantly surprised that he played really well in the bootcamp and once he figures out the matchups really well he is one of the top tier players in Europe. I’m pleasantly surprised working with him. Aww! He’s dead, run. Run run run, I’m tanking. Stand behind me, all! He’s dead, nice. Good job, I’ll go bot now. Dylan: See for Odo it’s easy. He gets to blind pick! Yeah, I get a juicy blind pick. I get the blind pick, I get the AFK farm and I get the “see you at 15!” For a random drake… Or, “Oh, I’m TP-ing and I’m losing some minion waves.” Hope you guys win! Our next matchup is going to be Rogue taking on Schalke 04. For a team like Schalke this is still extremely solid, definitely one of the top tier teams. Ignar: You can fight! You can fight! Upset: We can come Memento: He has no W Abbedagge: Gimme, gimme! Memento: Yeah. Upset: Good job. Flash forward from Abbedagge, Kikis is going to fall. Yeah baby!

Ryze got the blue baby! He said “gimme, gimme”, and then he cancelled his auto. Yeah, game is really won. Odoamne: Look Urgot! Memento: First target, first target! Memento: Urgot no flash. Let’s go on Urgot. Ignar: I’m dead. Odoamne, You’re fine! Memento: I can W you. Ah. Back up, we have the Nash! Ryze with Baron, against no engage is free win. Schalke, peeling apart the Rogue players, tearing them from their base and they’re just going to immediately end the game. They found everything they needed, that’s the ace, that’s the Nexus, Schalke with the clean finish. Why do you run all the way there to change? Because the camera is here. Hey camera, there fast! Go go go go! Make him feel uncomfortable. Ha ha ha, look he’s not moving! Dylan: Statsbot is popping off today. It says Misfits are going to beat Rogue though, so it doesn’t know about the truth!