Teamwork In League Of Legends

Default / Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

It doesn’t know about the truth… The second coming of Rogue Gaming Esports Club. Memento: Draft done? Everything done? We ready? First pick Yasuo? Dylan: Yeah Memento: Jarvan is here. Memento: I think we still win it though Abbedagge: Yeah look! Odoamne: He’s inting! Very good dash away as Memento is able to escape the stun comes down, Sanguine Pool will buy some time as Jizuke’s getting burned, Abbedagge manages to pick up the kill! There’s maybe a second one on the cards Mowgli goes down, Golden Aegis… That’s a double kill secured! 2 for Vitality. Abbedagge: Oh no… Memento: It’s fine… Odoamne: You need to kill him. Upset: Try to kill him now, it’s fine. Upset: Try to kill him. Abbedagge: Killing him… Upset: Nash is gone. That’s it. It’s just a game. Vitality have everything. There’s no one left here for Schalke to defend the base. Attila at the helm, he takes down Schalke, he takes down Upset. Upset: GG Memento: Ahhh, we were really throwing. Upset: Yeah. Memento: Ah man… Honestly I think if I wasn’t a pro I wouldn’t be playing League.

The way things are in this game are just really, really frustrating. You know, you play on stage and all of this and get to travel around and play in big venues and all of this, That’s kind of the thing that keeps you going. Just because, you want to perform and… for me, people were too fast to jump the gun and everyone was saying that I was really bad because I was playing bad in Splyce, which is true but People can’t really see past that and find reasons for why that happened so, for me it’s just extra motivation to get back there and get back in my normal form and just be at the top. Memento: Can we close the door? Dylan: Elias, can we close that door? Upset: Yep. Upset: Can “We” close the door… Memento: Yeah, it’s a team effort so you don’t feel like you’re singled out… In League of Legends there are 2 ways to die: You either get solo killed and everyone just says it’s your fault. Or, someone else has a move. I have some individual stuff for today I think we can work on. Like, each person individually to try and if everyone does their own job, our games will become more clean. That is the goal, OK?

If you sugar coat stuff, then it kind of takes away from the gravity of the situation. So I’d rather just, say it. Like, if I make a mistake, I want someone to come to me and be like, “You are really bad. This thing you did is really stupid and this shouldn’t happen when you’re a pro for this many years.” I just want people to get straight to the point and tell me what they want from me and what they need. And that’s kind of like where the negative perception I guess that I’m too negative but in reality I’m just really blunt and straight to the point. Dylan: They showed you smiling in to the camera after you got out of the shuttle! Yeah because you know, the camera was like this! And he was walking like this with me and doing this…